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What is Periodic Maintenance Service ?

(PMS or PM in its short form)

This is the most and vitally important part of owning a car. Periodic Maintenance Service or Periodic Service must always be performed in your car by an Authorized Service Dealership as long as the car is in your hands.

The Periodic Maintenance Service needs to be performed in an automobile in a strict periodic manner, as recommended by the respective car manufacturer. An authorized service dealership will have the knowledge and know-how of what exactly needs to be performed in the car.


The major aspects that are covered in the periodic maintenance service by your authorized dealership are the follows,

  • Strictly go as per the manufacturers recommendations

  • Exact Technical Specifications are followed

  • Predictive maintenance- recommendations for the nearly exhausted parts

  • Quality checks at each step of the process

  • Enhanced safety.


The manufacturers conduct strict periodic check on the dealer’s operating aspects, which includes process check, tools check and the experience of people, which is expected to be at 100%. The manufacturer’s certification of authenticity, otherwise known as the authorization is purely based on these aspects. An authorized dealer can must always follow and comply with these guidelines, on any day of its operation. Even, a wheel nut, or an oil drain plug is tightened and cross checked using a torque wrench.

These are the  check list of things to be checked during every Periodic maintenance Service, which is different and unique for each model of Car as well as each periodic service. One can imagine, in a car brand, which has 15 or 20 different models of cars, how many such check sheets would be available. Based on the ageing and the mileage clocked, these check lists are carefully picked up and applied by the dealership.

Apart from this standard check list, there could be often, some service campaigns initiated by the manufacturer, based on some important feedbacks from the dealerships. It could be related to the safety of the passengers, sometimes related to the longevity of some parts, or due to a government specification change, which needs to be applied to the car. Surprisingly, most campaigns comes free to the customers, as many of these are financially supported by the manufacturer.

Exact Technical specifications are followed at each point of servicing the car, wherever applicable. Excessive tightening (over torqueing) may result in early failure of parts, which could turn out to be dangerous to the car and the passengers. A simple example could be over tightening of wheel nuts, after fixing a puncture etc. the nuts may shear out and wheel can get separated, causing major safety threats. Always visit your dealership, do not ignore even a puncture repair. The puncture may be get locally fixed, but ensure a visit to your dealer and fix it right.

There could be numerous areas, where such competencies needs to be carefully applied and specifications rightly fixed. Your authorized dealer knows it all. Make use of it the best way by always depending on your authorized dealer for service.

During the service, the technician may also discover many parts, which may be nearly exhausted or worn-out. The service is always performed by the manufacturer trained technician, with an eye to detail and find out such near- miss cases. It could be a nearly worn-our parking brake shoe(internal part), or a wiper blade ( you come to know, only when it rains all of a sudden). These parts can be identified or discovered, by a trained technician who has developed an eye to observe, measure and report which is gained by him due to continuous trainings, skill updates on a strict periodic manner. There are array of trainings and tests to qualify such level of proficiency. This cannot be gained by merely some number of years of experience.  The continuous hand holding support and training from manufacturers is a must to ensure this.

Quality check at each step of the process is the way to ensure final quality. There is no way, however strong the final check is, can detect a defect and preventing it reaching to the customer, especially when it is related to the workmanship, and if it by any chance, belongs to an internal part. The work is always finished in different steps , steps together its called stages, and thus it reaches the final stage. The final out come always is beautiful and made presentable. That’s just the final beautification part of it. this however is not the most important outcome in a good dealership service. How technically fixed finally is the question.

Finally, enhanced safety is the sure and certain accompaniment, in an authorized dealership service. This is how the protection that is invisible work. This is not just a belief, but a belief built on confidence, the confidence gained from technology par human brain.

While we are sure and certain about the un-paralleled advantages of an authorized dealer service, there are equal  of fear created by un-authorized car services, which the creation of wrong hands who work on your cars. The ignorance- the unpardonable mistake –that might pull-in all those risks including the safety of your car and the passengers mainly you in it. today, even the government mechanisms are so keen to have all the campaigns fixed in you car. But what if the car gets to see only an untrained and unauthorized hand? The numerous aspects of predictive maintenance, which needs high level mathematics and calculations, with physical measurements, also digital measurements using highly sophisticated patented tools and equipment are often overruled by layman opinions and baseless assumptions, that finally rules the owners mind, which makes one to forfeit the hard cash earned and the hard work involved in buying the car.

How to use a simple vernier caliper, or a screw gauge and how to assume the further life of a set of brake pads in the car? you must ask the unauthorized mechanic to demonstrate it once and show the same to you. If things are not in its place, whats the alternative to it? use a measurements tape instead and say, come back after sometime, whenever you feel like replacing your brake pads? At a dealership business, you always can get a predictive maintenance report in the form of a quality check sheet. This is always an authentic one.

Always trust an authorized dealership service. There is always a trained and competent technician to handle your car, and there is a grade higher supervisor to back him up and there is a manager to hold the entire support mechanism , and the dealership management team to support him and finally the brand you trusted. It’s a phenomenal team behind to support the ownership of your car. Against this, nothing you get at an unauthorized local garage.

Its your own car, and the brand of you belief and trust. Always rely and go for it.

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