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Extended Warranty

Toyota Extended Warranty

Extended warranty is an extension of the vehicle warranty, Post expiry of manufacture’s standard vehicle warranty of 3 Years / 100,000 KM.

Toyota Extended Warranty

Extended warranty is an extension of vehicle warranty, Post expiry of manufacture’s standard vehicle warranty of 3 Years / 100,000 KM. Date of delivery will be considered as manufacturer’s standard vehicle warranty start date.In this program, you can experience extended warranty by which Toyota covers all the repairs/replacements similar to standard warranty (except as stated in this page) and hence ensuring true peace of mind. With true warranty, you are eligible for warranty extension of standard warranty, complimentary Toyota road side assistance coverage, Toyota genuine parts, quality service & pan India Toyota dealer acceptance. You can also transfer true warranty to the subsequent owner of your vehicle if period or km (Whichever is earlier) you have opted for is not lapsed. You can seek the help of your nearest Toyota dealer who will be glad to assist you. True warranty ensures good condition of vehicle by use of genuine parts and quality repairs. Ensuring better resale value of your Toyota vehicle.

Toyota Extended Warranty Benefits

Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Similar to Manufacturing Warranty

Compitative Price

Product Price 

20% Less Compared to Competition

Great Savings

Great Savings

Get Coverage Value of over 100x

Car Resale Value

High Resale Value

Extended Warranty vehicles are sold at 23%#more value

What is covered?

True warranty covers all parts and components of each Toyota vehicle except but not limited to tyres, batteries and those Items listed under the caption “what is not covered” The maximum liability under true warranty will be the amount paid for the vehicle by you, excluding optional items and tax.

What is not covered?

Tyres, battery, refrigerant, lubricants, parts made of rubber [except timing belt]
• Any additional accessories or equipment installed, which was not the part of the original vehicle fitment of the manufacturer at the time of new vehicle delivery.
• Any parts and labor costs incurred in connection with required or recommended maintenance service, as outlined in the maintenance section of owner’s manual, provided with the new vehicle.
• Normal maintenance service such as engine tune-up, cleaning and polishing, wheel balancing and alignment, headlight aiming, replacement of filters, windshield wiper inserts, key fob batteries, wiper blades, gasket (other than cylinder head gasket), light bulbs (except HID/LED) and lamps, spark plugs (except platinum & iridium tip) distributor points, drive belts, lubricants and coolant, brake linings, brake pads, brake shoes, brake discs, clutch disc/pressure plate, brushes, remote key batteries, lenses, glasses, cable (accelerator/hand brake), timing chain pads, mountings (including engine mounting), high tension cords, rubber parts & seals, fuses and relay items.
• Damage or failures resulting from misuse or overloading outside the recommendations in your owner’s manual, towing without suitable equipment (as recommended by Toyota), accident, theft or fire. Any problem caused by the use of contaminated or incorrect types and grades of fuel, oil or lubricants. Lack of performance of proper periodic maintenance services as outlined in the maintenance section of the owner's manual provided with the vehicle. Use of non-genuine Toyota parts. Alteration, tempering or improper repair. Glass breakage & glass items. Normal wear or tear, including dents, chips or scratches. Stone chipping, chemical fallout (acid rain), tree sap, salt, hail, wind/sand storm, lighting, flood or other environmental conditions (rusting) or natural calamity & chocking. Repairs not performed by an authorized Toyota dealer or distributor.
• Normal deterioration of trim, paint or other appearance items, body work, water ingress and corrosion.
• The parts which are mentioned in scheduled maintenance, cosmetic damage and normal noise and vibration.
• Any Toyota vehicle on which the odometer reading has been changed so that mileage cannot be readily determined or where the odometer reading cannot be otherwise accurately determined.
• Incidental or consequential damages such as loss of use of the Toyota vehicle, inconvenience or commercial loss.
• Service requests where the fault causing the mechanical breakdown was diagnosed prior to the expiry of the Toyota original standard warranty period but the repair was deferred to or carried out during the true warranty period.


Toyota True Warranty comes with the additional benefit of Toyota Roadside

  • Battery related - Dead battery / jump start.

  • Tyre related - Puncture / bolts / valve related issues.

  • Fuel related - Out of fuel / incorrect fuel / contaminated fuel.

  • Key related - Locked keys / lost keys / broken vehicle keys.

  • Breakdown - Accident road side repair / vehicle recovery in case of breakdown/ road traffic accident.

  • Onward journey benefits - Up to 50km from breakdown location.


Toyota Roadside Assistance

Toll Free N

             1800-102-5001 / 0124-235-5001

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