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Express Service at 60 minutes
Express Maintenance Service

Toyota Express Maintenance Service 

High Quality Service in record time only from Toyota.

Get Vehicle Serviced in Minutes  ( 60, 90 & 120 )

Toyota Express Maintenance offers standard periodic maintenance service with select additional jobs include Body Wash & Vacuum Cleaning in a record 60 minutes. Quality Workmanship, Quality Parts & Competitive Price all at one place.

Toyota Express Maintenance Service - Features

Toyota Express Maintenance Service Features

Complete Periodic Maintenance Service & select additional Jobs within 60 minutes Observe work-in Progress 

Specially Trained Professionals

Easy Appointment Scheduling. 

Toyota Express Maintenance Service - Benefits

While you wait convenience.

Include Body Wash & Vacuum Cleaning.

No Extra Cost compared to regular Periodic Maintenance Service.

Available for all Toyota Vehicles.

Comfortable Express Lounge Facilities.

What is included in Express Maintenance Service:


Engine oil & filter change 2

Cabin air filter.

Engine air filter.

Rotate tires.

Multi-point inspection.

Inspect & adjust fluid levels.

Toyota-trained technicians.

Maintenance reminders.

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